This Week in Year 3…

This week really has flown by!

We began our week by improving our understanding of why we have Readings at Mass. We thought about how learn to become more like Jesus through listening and reading scripture and also thought about how scripture can give us advice or strength when we are facing a challenge. Year 3 were given some bible readings and had to choose which one could give them advice or strength if they were facing a challenge. In Maths this week we have been learning to find fractions of shapes and amounts, particularly focusing on adding fractions. We had a really interesting lesson where our classroom was transformed into a Pizzeria. The children got given the to play at being the customers (working out two fractions that can be added together to make one whole), being chefs (using manipulative to make the fraction pizzas) and being waiters (writing fractions correctly). I am so delighted with the brilliant English work Year 3 have been doing this week. We have been learning about the way that persuasive writing uses rhetorical questions, exaggeration and interesting language features like similes, alliteration and repetition. Although we are still working towards our EPOW (every piece of work) list, made up of things we should including in every piece of  work whether that is in class or at home. We should have our final adverts for Phillipa’s Family Fruit Farm for you to enjoy next week at parents evening.

Year 3 EPOW checklist

  1. I have used capital letters at the beginning of a sentence, for the word ‘I’ and also for all proper nouns too.
  2. I have marked the end of an idea with the right piece of punctuation which could be a full stop, an exclamation mark or a question mark.
  3. I have used clear joined handwriting (but not joining to capital letters) and all of my ascending letters reach up to the line above and my descending letters reach down to the line below.
  4. I have used commas where they work well, in order to create a short pause in a sentence; so that the reader can take breath to improve the structure of my sentence and when I am writing in a list.
  5. I have been careful when spelling words- not only thinking about the sounds each letter makes, but also thinking about the spelling rules and handwriting patterns my eyes and hands are used to. Also, any spellings I am unsure of I have underlined, gone back to and checked in a dictionary.

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