This week in Nursery….

…we had a surprise visitor. Several large green footprints greeted us when we arrived at school and presented us with a mystery to solve. We used our questioning skills to establish where it went in our class; how it entered and exited and what it did when in Nursery. We matched the footprints to everyone in class and they matched those from a Tyrannosaurus rex!

. We discovered it had left a large present in our small world dinosaur land, but what was it? Using our senses,  we observed it was egg-like in shape, listened for any sounds it made, felt its texture, and used our senses of taste and smell to work out if it was edible. We concluded that it was a dinosaur egg, after checking our theory in fact books and researched how to look after it. A home was created to keep it warm and safe and signs were written to inform everyone how to look after it until the baby dinosaur tapped its way out. We set up camp to keep watch in case the mummy dinosaur returned.

. A few days later, the egg hatched and we had a new baby dinosaur. It was measured and weighed and compared to the size and weight of other dinosaurs. We named it dinosaur baby! On Friday, the dinosaur footprints were back in Nursery…we discovered that its mummy had come to take it home. Goodbye little dinosaur, it was great fun to have you with us!

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