This week in Nursery…

We have been using our senses to explore the signs of new life as Spring approaches. In the outdoor environment, we have listened to the different sounds of birds as they come close looking for food and noticed new buds on the trees and green shoots in our garden area. The ground has felt warmer and our digging has not only helped to develop our motor skills, but has also revealed new life in the form of creatures who live in the soil.

We investigated the soil further and found several different creatures, using our library resources to  research what they were called and what they liked to eat. We made links with our learning by using rulers and measuring tapes to check how long each creature was and could conclude which was the shortest and longest.

we ensured that they were returned to the soil to get the food they need to survive, but hope that they won’t eat the potatoes and other vegetables we have growing there!

Have a lovely weekend, spoil Mum on Sunday and remember your scooter or bicycle on Monday for our Sponsored Scoot!

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