This week in Year 6


Another SATs-packed week in Year 6!

We worked through a plethora of practice papers this week and we are feeling confident for our test papers in May! Only 4 school days left!

Year 6 spent time this week planning and writing their own short stories based on the image below. The children came up with some imaginative stories – well done!


In music we continued to learn some new songs from our end of year production – you are in for a treat! 👌

We thought about the mission of the Disciples in RE, reflected on the challenges they had to overcome, the messages from Jesus and what our mission today is!

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend! 🌞


This Week in Year 3


Another great week in Year 3!!

This week in Maths we have been learning about written methods of addition. In English we have continued our learning on Explanation Texts, which we have been linking to our Science topic on Plants. Our focus this week has been on using technical vocabulary and putting the steps of a process into order. In Science this week we have dissected flowers using tweezers and used what we found to sort and classify the parts of a flowering plant into groups. In RE we have been thinking about how the church celebrates Easter and how we celebrate Easter at home with our families; as well as writing some really special alleluias about Jesus’ death and resurrection. We have explored the link between Art and Science this week by completing some observation drawings of our class lilies and then using water colour paints to paint them. We tried to pay particular attention to the vibrant yellow colour on the lilies, making the colour more vivid and strong near the center of the flower and then adding more water to blend the colour to a much lighter softer shade of yellow nearer the tip of the petals. I’m sure you’ll agree they look very impressive! Enjoy your bank holiday Year 3 and see you on Tuesday.




Renewed, refreshed and reconciled 


Year 5 shared the beauty of our local woodland today, we reflected on the renewal of our faith, refreshed by the resurrection. Refreshing and reaffirming our friendships.

We saw the renewal and beauty of the woodland, linking Psalm 103 Send forth your spirit, O Lord and renew the face of the earth. How many are your works, O Lord! In wisdom you have made them all. The earth is full of your riches. bless the Lord my soul!

A wonderful start to the week. 

Welcome back Nursery!


Our first few days back after the Easter holidays have been busy…

…we have reflected on the Easter story, collaborated to create our outdoors Easter garden and designed individual crosses to remind us of the new life that Jesus gave us.

Our book of the week has been Jack and the Beanstalk and the children have been busy sowing their own bean seeds. Over the coming weeks, we will be observing the changes that will take place in each pot and recording what we have seen. In Maths, we have been practising measuring with a variety of equipment, ordering from shortest to tallest and narrowest to widest and recording our measuring results. We will use these skills in the next few weeks when we will see who has swing the tallest bean plant!

In Phonics we have been busy practising segmenting words and listening very carefully to ensure we hear every sound. We are getting ready to read and write!

Year 1’s week


On Wednesday, when we came back from our Easter holiday, someone was missing from the Year 1 classroom! Frodo the bear hadn’t returned, but in his place was a letter he had sent all the way from Australia! Year 1 quickly got to work writing him letters in return and are eagerly awaiting his reply! 
Our Literacy learning for the next few weeks will be about letter writing. We read ‘Dear Greenpeace’ today and read the letters that Emily sends to Greenpeace about a blue whale she has found in her pond. We did some research and found out that blue whales can be up to 30m long and went out onto the field with metre sticks to find out just how big 30m is! 
As well as measuring, we have been learning about 2-digit numbers in Maths and the value of each digit in the number. A short but super week Year One! Well done! 

This week in Reception…


Reception have come back refreshed and ready to learn after the Easter break. This week we have been learning about the different pets in our class. We wrote about the pets we have, or would like to have, and then talked to a learning partner about what we’d written. Then we made a pictogram which showed how many pets we had in class. We used this information to solve some calculation problems too.

Outside we created some homes for some very ‘old’ pets (the dinosaurs) and inside we explored the role of a vet in our new role play vet surgery.


This week in Year 6


Revision, revision, revision!!

After the Easter break, Year 6 have picked up where they left off before the holiday. Thank you for the homework support – this has enabled us to keep the learning and momentum going.

We have spent the 3 days this week completing previous test papers and revising key skills and test technique.

There’s only 9 school days left before your tests – be the best that you can possibly be.


Welcome Back Year 2


Our Last Term in the Infants Begins

Year 2 have had a really busy time this week.  We came back to school rested and ready to work hard.  This half term we will be using the story of “Fantastic Mr Fox” to inspire us.  We found some fascinating information about foxes.  We created some detailed observational drawings and learnt about the features of foxes and their habitats.  We wrote some super character sketches too, using some interesting adjectives to describe what Mr Fox is like.  We compared him to the farmers, Boggis, Bunce and Bean.IMG_2237

We worked really hard to improve our presentation this week with new writing books providing us with the opportunity to produce some top quality work.  Everyone is really improving their handwriting to develop a fluent joined style.  We will be ready to use pens very soon.

In our Maths lessons this week we have been revising our use of the four operations, thinking about the most efficient ways to add, subtract, to multiply and to divide. We also considered the best way to check our work using the inverse operation.

Well done to all those children who completed their Easter Holiday reading.  it was wonderful that so many of you found time to keep the reading going over the break.  It really shows.

The improved weather has given us the chance to use our outdoor area more, we will increase the amount of time learning outside this term.  Please make sure you have a coat at school everyday for the next few weeks as it can be quite chilly when we are working outside.

This Week in Year Four




Happy Easter and welcome back! Even though it has been a short week, it has still been packed full of fun. Year Four have particularly enjoyed a walk on the wiggly path and the opportunity to play on the field at play time.

In English we have begun to learn about explanation texts and we have been practising using time connectives to order the processes in Wallace’s Knit-o-matic, as well as using conjunctions to explain why these processes are necessary. In Maths we have been learning about place value, thinking about how many hundreds, tens and ones are in 3 and 4-digit numbers. In Science we are finishing our Electricity topic by designing a switch for a circuit and in RE we have been reflecting on the message of Easter and why the resurrection is so important for us as Catholic ChristiansHe Is Risen