This Week In Year 3


A short week packed full of learning!

It was wonderful to welcome Year 3 back after our East Holiday- I hope you all had a restful break. This week in English we have been looking about explanation texts and the language features that they use; like causal conjunctions and time connectives. Our Maths lessons this week have been focused on Place Value to give us a quick refresh. We played an interesting game on Thursday on a number line- maybe some of the Year 3’s could show you at home. As we move deeper into spring we have been thinking about ‘new beginnings’ and the new beginning God gave us, through Jesus; which has formed the focus of our RE this week. We have also started our science topic on Plants. We have been learning about pollinators, like bees and butterflies and how they help to pollinate flowering plants. We did a short observation on Thursday to see what we noticed about our class lilies- it was brilliant to hear such good questioning and and see careful studying with magnifying glasses to closely inspect the parts of the flower head…Can you remember any of the parts?


Just a small request- If anyone has got any cut flowers decorating their home that are starting to go over, please could you bring them in so we can observe what happens to them over time?


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