Welcome Back Year 2

Our Last Term in the Infants Begins

Year 2 have had a really busy time this week.  We came back to school rested and ready to work hard.  This half term we will be using the story of “Fantastic Mr Fox” to inspire us.  We found some fascinating information about foxes.  We created some detailed observational drawings and learnt about the features of foxes and their habitats.  We wrote some super character sketches too, using some interesting adjectives to describe what Mr Fox is like.  We compared him to the farmers, Boggis, Bunce and Bean.IMG_2237

We worked really hard to improve our presentation this week with new writing books providing us with the opportunity to produce some top quality work.  Everyone is really improving their handwriting to develop a fluent joined style.  We will be ready to use pens very soon.

In our Maths lessons this week we have been revising our use of the four operations, thinking about the most efficient ways to add, subtract, to multiply and to divide. We also considered the best way to check our work using the inverse operation.

Well done to all those children who completed their Easter Holiday reading.  it was wonderful that so many of you found time to keep the reading going over the break.  It really shows.

The improved weather has given us the chance to use our outdoor area more, we will increase the amount of time learning outside this term.  Please make sure you have a coat at school everyday for the next few weeks as it can be quite chilly when we are working outside.

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