Year 1’s week

On Wednesday, when we came back from our Easter holiday, someone was missing from the Year 1 classroom! Frodo the bear hadn’t returned, but in his place was a letter he had sent all the way from Australia! Year 1 quickly got to work writing him letters in return and are eagerly awaiting his reply! 
Our Literacy learning for the next few weeks will be about letter writing. We read ‘Dear Greenpeace’ today and read the letters that Emily sends to Greenpeace about a blue whale she has found in her pond. We did some research and found out that blue whales can be up to 30m long and went out onto the field with metre sticks to find out just how big 30m is! 
As well as measuring, we have been learning about 2-digit numbers in Maths and the value of each digit in the number. A short but super week Year One! Well done! 

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