This week in Nursery

We have been reading Oliver’s Vegetables as part of our Growing topic and have been busy planting our Nursery vegetable garden with potatoes, carrots, radishes, peas and lettuce. We have used our phonic knowledge to write signs to remind us of where we have planted our veg seeds and to warn friends not to dig in case seeds are disturbed. We agreed to take it in turns to water the plants each day and help them grow, so that we can harvest them later and enjoy eating them at a class picnic.

In Phonics we have been revising sounds at the start of words and segmenting simple words using sound talk. We have also been learning how to write s, a and t, using the precursive script. In Maths we have been learning how to record our counting, including how to write numerals from 0 to 10. Some were tricky to write, but the children have shown great perseverance and have been justifiably proud of themselves when they have mastered a numeral.

We enjoyed carrying out investigations using fruit and vegetables to see what they looked like inside, to understand how a seed can grow and change through different stages into a vegetable or fruit and to learn about root vegetables that grow underground and vegetables that we will see growing overground.

Great work Nursery, enjoy the long weekend!

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