This Week in Year 3

Another great week in Year 3!!

This week in Maths we have been learning about written methods of addition. In English we have continued our learning on Explanation Texts, which we have been linking to our Science topic on Plants. Our focus this week has been on using technical vocabulary and putting the steps of a process into order. In Science this week we have dissected flowers using tweezers and used what we found to sort and classify the parts of a flowering plant into groups. In RE we have been thinking about how the church celebrates Easter and how we celebrate Easter at home with our families; as well as writing some really special alleluias about Jesus’ death and resurrection. We have explored the link between Art and Science this week by completing some observation drawings of our class lilies and then using water colour paints to paint them. We tried to pay particular attention to the vibrant yellow colour on the lilies, making the colour more vivid and strong near the center of the flower and then adding more water to blend the colour to a much lighter softer shade of yellow nearer the tip of the petals. I’m sure you’ll agree they look very impressive! Enjoy your bank holiday Year 3 and see you on Tuesday.




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