A busy week in Nursery!


 This week we have been learning all about farms, in preparation for our class trip to Standalone Farm today. We have developed our knowledge of which animals can be found in a farm, learned new vocabulary for their offspring and discussed what foods these wonderful animals give us.

In Phonics we are continuing to practise segmenting and blending short words, in particular listening out for the middle sound eg p-i-g and are learning how to use templates to support us writing letters from the precursive script.

it was a week focussing on shapes in a Maths…learning new vocabulary for 3d shapes and understanding different properties of shapes. We have hunted missing triangles and ovals around our class and have used shapes to create our own designs of tractor and farm shelters.

Today was wonderful as the children put their knowledge into practice at Standalone: milking cows; feeding lambs and pigs; grooming donkeys and Shetland ponies and discovering different sounds that can be made by splashing in muddy puddles! They were so beautifully behaved, fantastic ambassadors for our school and I am very proud of all of them.

This Week in Year Four


This week in Year Four we have enjoyed learning about the features of play scripts. We learned how to write specific stage directions, using adverbial phrases and we had a lot of fun writing formal and informal speech for different characters. In Maths we practised adding and subtracting one place decimals, using resources to represent our calculations. We even solved some problems using decimals. We began some beautiful stained glass windows telling the story of Pentecost – look out for them next week!

Our Week in Year 3


This week in Year 3 we have been learning about 2D and 3D shape in Maths. We also learned to use a protractor to measure whether angles were larger than or smaller than a right angle. In English, we have been perfecting our use of apostrophes of possession- especially on plural nouns. In RE we have been learning about The Ascension and made an interesting booklet about the story which included some thoughts about how the Apostles must have felt when Jesus gave them their instructions. We also painted some pictures of the hills outside of Bethany to help us imagine what it would have been like to witness the Ascension.


Great week everyone!

This Week in Year 6


It’s been an extremely busy week in Year 6! The SATs are over and we are back to our normal timetable after a week of tests!
We found evidence from scripture to show how Jesus was no longer with his disciples but was still in them. We looked at how the Holy Spirit worked through the Apostles and the conversion of Saul to Paul.
In literacy we completed some writing activities based on the characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 🍫🍬🍭
We started our maths project this week. The children were given a £500,000 loan to build and plan their own theme park – they had to decide which rides and facilities to spend their money on. 💰They soon realised that the money didn’t last for long! 💸
The children also auditioned for play parts, met some new teachers from The John Henry Newman School, created their own pop art piece and visited Stevenage Museum to take part in an Egyptian workshop (a nice surprise!) – I told you it was a busy week!
Our Sports Leaders even managed to squeeze in a meeting with a member of the Sporting Futures team and plan their next event! Our netball team took part in a tournament this week – they came 2nd! Well done girls! They also found out that they won the league – superb!! 👍🏻🏐
Have a wonderful weekend Year 6! We have another busy week next week!


This week in Reception…


Reception have been investigating mini beasts using different texts by the author Eric Carle.

‘The very hungry caterpillar’ text is helping us learn about the life cycle of a butterfly. We have used magnifying glasses to look closely at the caterpillars which we have in class. We are wondering when they are going to build their cocoons.

‘The grumpy ladybird’ story has helped us learn about doubles. We also used dominoes to find different totals.

Down the wiggly path, we counted the different mini beasts we found and discovered that some like to live in the dark and damp and some like to live in the bright sunshine. Back in class, we used the natural materials to create our own creatures which we photographed with the iPads. Then we created story maps to describe where our mini beasts slept, what they ate and what they like to do.

Keep hunting Reception!

Year 1’s week 


This week we went on our class trip looking for mini-beasts in Lee Valley Park. Year 1 did some really careful searching of this urban habitat and found woodlice, bloodworms, orb spiders, harvestmen and banded snails among lots of other creepy crawlies! Thank you to the parent helpers and support staff who accompanied us on our trip.
Back at school on Thursday we did some super writing about our day and our favourite discoveries at the park. We have continued our learning about toys this week and have taken part in some role-play which we performed for the rest of the class to guess whether we were Victorian children or modern-day children. We learned that in the Victorian times girls had to pay with dolls and tea sets whilst boys played with trains and soldiers and thought this was very unfair! 

We have continued our learning about capacity in maths this week and did some careful comparisons of the capacities of containers using rice to help us.