A busy week in Nursery!

 This week we have been learning all about farms, in preparation for our class trip to Standalone Farm today. We have developed our knowledge of which animals can be found in a farm, learned new vocabulary for their offspring and discussed what foods these wonderful animals give us.

In Phonics we are continuing to practise segmenting and blending short words, in particular listening out for the middle sound eg p-i-g and are learning how to use templates to support us writing letters from the precursive script.

it was a week focussing on shapes in a Maths…learning new vocabulary for 3d shapes and understanding different properties of shapes. We have hunted missing triangles and ovals around our class and have used shapes to create our own designs of tractor and farm shelters.

Today was wonderful as the children put their knowledge into practice at Standalone: milking cows; feeding lambs and pigs; grooming donkeys and Shetland ponies and discovering different sounds that can be made by splashing in muddy puddles! They were so beautifully behaved, fantastic ambassadors for our school and I am very proud of all of them.

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