Working Together in Year 2

This has been a super busy half term in Year 2.  Well done children you have worked really hard and have made excellent progress.   I hope you have a really wonderful break next week.

This week we worked in our teams.  We worked on some diary writing.  We imagined that we were in London in 1666 and wrote about what we saw, heard, smelt and felt during the Great Fire.  Everybody participated and valued each person and their  contribution.

We enjoyed the beautiful weather this week, working outside was a real treat. Please remember to have a hat in school everyday to help protect you from the sun.

Year 2 produced some amazing, imaginative and detailed descriptions following a walk down the wiggly path. We used really exciting adjectives and the stories of our adventures were very exciting!

In maths we thought about different ways of presenting information in graphs and charts.  I was really impressed with the super bar charts produced independently this week.  We improved our ability to work systematically.  Someone found 117 different sums with a total of 40!

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