This Week In Year Four


A lot has been happening in Year Four this week, as per usual!

Thursday saw us celebrating with the children who made their first Holy Communion, this year. They looked very smart and joined in the Mass with great reverence.

In class, we have worked on multiplying and dividing numbers by 10 and 100, as well as continuing our warning stories. If you want to read the story we based our own ideas on, use the internet to search for ‘Pie Corbett The Pylon’. I have really enjoyed reading them so far and I can’t wait until we have all written the final paragraph next week. Here are a few selected sentences……

It was a dark and stormy night and clouds were filling the sky…..

As the wind blew, the church signs rocked like a ghost was moving them, with the wood chipping and splashing into the mud……

The clouds devoured the dark sun and the storm came and grabbed his feet.

A storm raged in the graveyard. It was so strong it could rip you off the floor.

As I was sitting in the candle lit caravan, darkness shadowed the sky. Lightening lashed, thunder clapped and the rain poured down on the metal roof.

We have also continued learning more about the rainforest,  learning about some of the plants that are found there. Have a good weekend everyone and I look forward to seeing you on Monday!

This week in Nursery


We have been busy practising our phonic knowledge by matching graphemes to sounds and thinking of words that start with a particular sound. Our Busy Fingers activities are paying dividends, as we are now using our strengthened fine motor skills to begin to write independently.

In Maths, we are revising our counting skills and recognising numbers in our environment. We have also been using our measuring skills to see how tall our pea plants and sunflowers have grown.

Our creative skills were in evidence also as a group of children collaborated to perform a puppet show complete with script, characters and staging! Wonderful storytelling Nursery!

This week in Year 6


Where is the time going?! I can’t believe another week has passed already!

The children enjoyed a Young Enterprise Day on Monday. They took part in various activities; finding out how far their clothes had travelled, taking part in a trading game and creating and presenting a new product for a fantasy nation. They had to use many learning powers throughout the day.

Further play rehearsals have taken place this week – don’t forget to keep practising lines and voice projection. I know you can do it, I have heard you all in class…! 🤣
Remember to organise costumes; they must be in school by Wednesday 12th July.

We looked at photos from Father Deacon’s ordination and then completed various activities about the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

I was very impressed by the children’s maturity in our SRE lessons this week – well done all of you. 👍🏻

Thank you to Natasha, our work experience student from JHN, she’s been a great help this week!

Have a fantastic weekend – let’s hope the sun is out! 🌞



Our week in Year 1 


We’ve been learning about trees in Science this week and took to the field to name and identify the trees in our beautiful school grounds. We found sycamore trees, a lime tree and even a rowan tree. 

We have been learning more about animals in English this week and have made non-fiction books about polar bears and sharks. We learned that some shark babies eat their own brothers and sisters before they are even born! 
In Geography we have continued our learning about our wonderful world and researched facts about each of the seven continents using the iPads. We found out that Antartica isn’t home to any humans but has lots of penguins instead! We learned that fully grown Emperor penguins are around 115cm tall which is about the same height as lots of us in Year 1!
Well done Year 1 for another lovely week. 

Woburn Follow Up


Year 2 had a wonderful trip to Woburn last Friday.  Many thanks to Mrs G and Mrs LG who accompanied us.  The weather was perfect and all the animals were keen to be seen.  The children were patient, observant and really interested in everything we did. A highlight of the day was the cheeky monkey who tried to come back to school on the roof of the coach!  As usual the Play Ark was a big hit with all of us.

This week we have done some detailed follow up work, learning more about the animals we saw and writing some recounts of our day. The trip inspired some really fantastic, top quality work. Well done Year 2.IMG_2328



The Wiggly Path is looking amazing again, full of beetles, spiders, bees, butterflies and moths.imageimage

We have been working hard this month, tidying and organising, filling water stations and leaving treats for the many living things. The lunchtime team have learnt to identify a number of beetles, butterflies and moths, helped younger children to observe and notice changes, and today they identified the trees in our school grounds.

WOW! You are amazing.