Goodbye Year 2


Many thanks to a wonderful Year Two. You have been a joy to teach this year!  Good luck in Year  Three.

Thank you to all the Year Two parents.  The partnership with you this year has resulted in excellent progress and children who have grown into independent and confident learners.  Have a great summer.



Our week in Nursery


We have enjoyed a Healthy Living Week in Nursery, with lots of activities showing how we can look after ourselves.

Firstly, we learned about healthy eating and the importance of a balance between everyday food and sometimes food. We have made fruit kebabs, using our senses to investigate a variety of fruits, before choosing which we wanted to eat. Our fine motor skills were also practised as we chose fillings to spread in sandwiches and writing menus for our picnic.

We enjoyed different types of exercise as an important way to look after ourselves, from taking a walk outdoors to dancing to our favourite music! Finally, we focussed on the importance of rest and sleep for keeping healthy; especially important in this busy time of the school year.

Have a restful weekend, Nursery, your final week starts on Monday!

This Week in Year 6


Year 6 have been working hard rehearsing for their play this week! They’ve spent time going through various scenes and working on projecting their voices. On Wednesday they practised with their costumes and they looked amazing! Thank you parents for all of the extra effort you have gone to!

We completed the next stage of our theme park projects – the children have now worked out their new entrance price and how many new visitors went to their parks.

I hope the children had a lovely day at The John Henry Newman School yesterday – it sounds like they did!

It’s a busy week next week – enjoy every single second!

Year 5


We have had a fun-packed penultimate week in Year 5.
We painted Hokusai art – inspired by our book Kensuke’s Kingdom. We also
completed our ShowMe animations and voice overs. In English we used the Laptops to write our reports on iPads, xboxes, iPhones and other electrical items. We did a really good job of remembering lots of the grammatical features we have learnt over the year.
We had an exciting rugby lesson delivered by a coach from Stevenage Rugby club-we have plenty of budding rugby champions!
We also spent time in Year 6, getting used to our new classroom and learning about the expectations…I think we are nearly ready for September!!

Our penultimate week in Year 1! 


The children have been enjoying the Wiggly Path again this week. We collected natural materials and made some beautiful sculptures inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy. 

We have been learning about 3D shapes and went on a shape hunt around the school and grounds. We found spheres, cylinders, cubes, cuboids and even a triangular prism and a pyramid! 

We did some tasting on Monday afternoon and tasted a variety of different vegetable salads. We voted for our favourite – a beetroot salad and got a chance to make our own by grating, cutting, snipping and slicing different herbs and vegetables.  

We really enjoyed our afternoon in Year 2 on Thursday and got a chance to meet our new teacher Mrs Briscoe. We had a chance to explore the Year 2 classroom and wrote some important things about ourselves for Mrs Briscoe ready for next year! 



Our final science lesson involved reflecting on experiences and things we had noticed, creating and testing theories.

Can you create the perfect flip?

Everybody had the same bottle design and had time to generate and test their own theories, then we had our bottle flipping championships!

Congratulations to our winner – Giovanni

Thank you Callum for saving the bottles for us!