This week in Reception…

This week has been all about getting ready.

Our book for the week was Mr Wolf’s Pancakes and he was getting ready to cook. We wrote shopping lists and instructions to help him get ready to make pancakes. We measured out the ingredients and had a go at mixing the batter. The pancakes tasted delicious.

In RE, we talked about getting ready for Lent on Shrove Tuesday. We then learned that Lent is a time when we get ready for Easter. We were very reverent receiving our ashes on Ash Wednesday the start of Lent.

Our garden has signs of getting ready for Spring. The bulbs we planted have shot up and some have flowers too. We used the loose parts to create our own flowers. However, the weather had other ideas and we have a fabulous time investigating the snow that arrived on Thursday.

Our teachers have been impressed with how we have come back ready to learn. Well done everyone. Remember to read as much as you can at home. Why not have a go at writing some instructions at home too?

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