A message for Year 5

Dear Year 5, 

Although we are only part way through the year, we are so very proud of how far you have come and of all your wonderful learning in Year 5. Thank you for being such a hardworking and fun class-we have very much enjoyed our time so far watching you grow. 

We know that this is a very sad and unsettling time for you all. Your resilience and positive attitude has amazed us and we will both miss you all very very much. 

Remember what we said…help you parents, be kind to your siblings and enjoy lots of activities that your busy lives don’t normally allow. Have lots of fun and enjoy the time with your family. Keep an eye on the school website and the Twitter feed for updates and more activities. 

We are all praying that we will be back together in the not so distant future so that we can continue our journey together. 

Thank you parents for all your kind supportive words-we really appreciate them during this difficult time. Keep in touch via email and show us some of the exciting things you have been doing. 

Goodbye and God Bless for now…

Mrs Mather and Mrs Vincenti-Morrsion x


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