Dear Year 3 …

Dear Year 3,

Thank you for all of your hard work over the past few weeks in a very strange time for all of us.

During our time apart, enjoy your home learning both from activities on the website and learning you can do at home. Try to spend some time outdoors or taking part in learning you don’t usually get the time to do.   

Continue to be you, continue to sing your hearts out and continue to make yourself proud everyday and we can celebrate when we reunite!

Myself, Mrs Howard and Mrs Babb have been so proud of your attitude to learning and wish you all the best for this time apart from each other. 

A special thank you to the parents for your on going support and kind messages over the past week. 

See you soon,   

Miss Marron

1 thought on “Dear Year 3 …

  1. Thank you for helping us to learn this year, we will try our best to do all of the work you have sent us. I will be so excited to reunite with you and my friends. So far I have modelled with Play Doh, done Joe’s Daily Work out (It hurts), I’m writing about my journey with the Cronoa Virus, I’ve painted some faces on Pebbles from the garden, and spent time on my swing with Rosie and George. From Freddy Green

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