A Friday message for Nursery

Hello Nursery!

It has been truly wonderful to see some of you back in school this week. We’ve had lots of fun and I’m looking forward to welcoming more of you next week.

I hope you and your families are well and really enjoy seeing the photos you’re sending in that show what you’re doing at home. I miss you very much and the photos really make me smile – you’ve all been very busy!

If you can, over the next week have a go at some of the following learning activities,  and perhaps send in some photos – we’d love to see them! 

  • Share a book with someone in your family. Can you spot any letters that you recognise and know the sound of? Can you sound out and squeeze together any words in the story, eg c-a-t….cat!?
  • Think about the sound at the start of your name. Can you find 5 objects in your home that begin with the same sound?
  • Have a go a buttoning/unbuttoning a cardigan. Challenge yourself by trying to do up a zip on your clothing.
  • Finally, lie down on (dry!) ground and look up at the sky. Can you see the clouds moving? Can you see the different shapes they form and what do they look like? A smiling  face, a running animal or even a friendly dragon?

You can also look at our class page on the school website for more ideas, or visit thus website for additional learning activities:

Keep safe and have fun!

Mrs Hurley         Mr Shields

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