A Message For Year Four

Hello Year Four!

I hope you are all well and keeping busy learning lots at home. It is certainly very strange being in school without you but I am looking forward to my next catch-up with you on the phone, as I always enjoy hearing about everything you have been doing.

Here are a few activities from me for you to work on during the next week.

Don’t forget to send photos if you would like to share your work. Don’t forget to visit our page on the school website for more ideas.

You can also visit this website for additional learning activities:


Mrs Newham


This week’s activities….

Write a newspaper report about something that has happened to you during the last few weeks.

Think of an attention-grabbing heading and include some quotations from members of your family.

It could report something that someone in your family has achieved, or it could over-exaggerate a daily event .

Write 4 problems about time for the other people in your family to solve.

Try using these ideas to help you.

George started his journey to the park at _____.  He arrived at _____.

How long did the journey take?

Create some art work which shows the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

With your family, read the account of Pentecost in Acts 2. In your art work, show the power which was given to the disciples by the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Make up a rhythm which you can perform using body percussion.

Once you’ve composed the rhythm, put on your favourite piece of music and tap the rhythm throughout the music. You could always make more rhythms and then play them in sequence to make a longer piece of music.

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