Friday Message for Y6

Hello Year 6!

It has been absolutely wonderful having some of you back in school this week! We have had such a fun time and I look forward to seeing more of you next week! For those of you staying at home, I miss you and hope you and your families are all well. Try some of the activities below if you can. I am sure you all will be excited to hear that I shall be posting a message to you each Friday here on the school blog – you lucky children! Stay safe and have lots of fun! 😊 Mrs Davies

This week at school, we have been learning about the history of medicine, health and treatments across civilisations and time periods. We learnt about two significant individuals: Hippocrates and Galen.

In maths, we have been preparing for year 7 by learning about sequences (linear/non-linear, Fibonacci and finding the nth term).

In English, we have been reading ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. We have written a setting description of the desert and explored Stanley’s feelings throughout the story.

Based upon this learning, here are some related activities for you to try at home this week:


  • Are there any other individuals who have made a significant contribution to our knowledge of medicine, health, and treatments? What did they do? Find out and record your ideas.
  • How has medicine and and health improved over time? Explain.
  • Can you discover the history of the NHS? How and when did it start? Find out and record your ideas.


  • Can you create your own sequences? Challenge someone to find the next three terms in each one and explain how they worked it out. Can you work out the nth term for your sequence? Here is a video to support you:


  • Imagine you are Stanley and it is your first day at Camp Green Lake. You have been sent here to change your behaviour and to build character. “Camp Green Lake is a camp for bad boys.” It is a desert in the middle of nowhere. You are to spend the day digging holes and nothing else. Write a diary as if you were Stanley. How are you feeling? Click this link to listen to the first three chapters of Holes.


Remember to send in photos of any learning or fun you are having at home – I’d love to see what you are getting up to! Click the link below to download a new home learning pack for Y6 each week.

This website is fantastic and publishes a new home learning pack every week.


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