Hello Year 2

I hope you are all keeping safe and staying busy.  It has been very strange in school this week.  There are just a few children here and we are all following lots of new rules to keep everybody safe.  I managed to telephone some of you this week and will catch up with the rest of you next week.  I will be in school everyday now so remember you can always call or email school and I will get back to you!

Thank you for sending the photos of what you are up to at home.  I really enjoy looking at them and seeing your smiling faces!


I know that you have all been working really hard at home and your parents have been helping you. I would like you to do some tasks at home next week if you can. Please try to have a go at all of them but if you can’t please don’t worry. I will set four tasks each week from now on so please check the school blog every Friday for the work for the following week.
Please check out

where you will find lots of additional activities. The fraction work will link to this weeks  Maths task.

Please revise half and quarters
Divide a square into quarters in different ways by folding paper to make a grid.
Start with a square sheet of paper. Fold it to make two halves then fold it again to make four quarters. Cut along the fold lines and place the four parts on top of one another to check they are the same. Can you make quarters in other ways? Investigate all the possibilities.
Create a half grid and quarter grid using 2 squares of paper
Divide one square piece of paper into halves. Divide the other square into quarters.
Use some pieces of pasta. Count the number of pieces you have. Use your paper grid to sort the pasta into equal groups. Count how many pieces are in each fraction. Make sure the groups are equal.
Change the amount of pasta pieces you have and repeat the process. What do you notice about the amounts you can share equally?
Can you record what you have done using ½ and ¼ notation?
Eg ½ of 16 is 8 ¼ of 16 is 4
Try this activity with pennies or with different denominations of coins. What do you notice?



I have set some spellings for you to learn. They are all contractions so please don’t forget to add the apostrophe.  Please write a sentence for each of the words. I hope you are using the joined script we practised at school.


Please read some packaging in the kitchen cupboard.  What information is included? Think about the name of the product. could you design  a logo, name, packaging for a new chocolate bar or some fantastic new sweets you have invented? How can you make sure your design is eye catching and will stand out at the supermarket? Design and make a poster to advertise it.


Check out this week’s Wednesday Word on the school website . Read the  Trinity Sunday Gospel.  Learn the Prayer “The Glory Be…” you will find on page 2.

God Bless, Stay Safe

Mrs Briscoe


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