Hello Year 3….

Hello Year 3,

I hope you are all well and keeping busy at home! I’m now back in school every day and it is very strange not seeing all of your smiley faces each morning!
Now that some groups of children have started going back to school, I’m going to send you four activity ideas every Friday.


  1. Can you write a book review? It could be a book you have read during your time at home or your favourite book!  You could also draw a picture of your favourite part!
  2. I have attached some spellings for you to have a go at – try to practice them a couple of times over the week. If you aren’t about the definition of some words, see if you can find them in a dictionary and find some words that have a similar meaning. You could have a go at writing some of these words in sentences.

blog spellings


3. When you are out for a walk or go to visit another household go on a number hunt!  What numbers can you find? What number do you see most? How many of the numbers can you add together? Can you multiply some of the numbers?
Tip: look at front doors, signs and bins!


4. Think about your family history, if you can, have conversations with your family      members to talk about your family history or look at some old photos. Can you make a family tree?


If you would like to do some more home learning you can use this link for some Year 3 activities.   https://classroomsecrets.co.uk/free-home-learning-packs/

It has been wonderful to hear from so many of you over the phone and I will be making some more calls next week. Remember to ask your parents to email or tweet some photos of the activities you’ve been getting up to!

Stay safe and I will see you all soon!

Miss Marron

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