This week in Reception…

Hello Reception!

I hope you are well and are keeping busy learning lots at home and helping your family.

In school this week, we read a story called ‘The snail and the whale’ by Julia Donaldson and have used it to find out more about snails. If you don’t have a copy of this book at home, you can find the story on CBeebies. I’ve attached some activities you can try with your families. Remember to send some photos, pictures, videos or letters into school to share your learning with me. Thank you very much for those I’ve had so far.

Remember to visit our page on the school website for more ideas. You can also visit this website for more home learning activities:

Keep safe and well…and remember to wash your hands.

Love, Mrs Cooper

The Snail and the Whale activities

Sharing the story Talk about your favourite part of the story. Which part was funny? Why? Which part was scary? Why? Where would you go if you were travelling with the snail and the whale. Which digraph can you spot in snail? How many other words have this phoneme in them? How many other phonemes and tricky words can you spot in the story? Create a diary sequencing what the snail and the whale do each day.

Snails Go for a mini-beast hunt and look for snails. Where is the best place to find them? What do you think they eat? What are the different parts of a snail called? Where are its eyes? What shape are the shells? Some are long and thin, some are more curvy. Take some photos. Use information books or the internet to find out some more about snails. What is the biggest snail in the world and the smallest?

Spirals Look closely at the snail’s shell. What shapes can you see? Practice drawing and recognising spirals. Start from the middle and get bigger and bigger. You could make a spiral dangle using card or a paper plate. What other patterns and shapes can you spot in nature? Use sticks, stones, leaves and shells to create your own shapes and patterns.

Structures Have a go at creating a snail. You could use tubes or boxes or paper or card or fabric. What shapes are the materials you use? What patterns do they have on them? Practise cutting with scissors. Remember thumbs up! Will you join them with glue or sticky tape? How about split pins or treasury tags? Write the instructions for making your snail for someone else to try.

Have fun! Let me know if you try any other Snail activities at home?







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