Year 1 home learning tasks

Hello Year 1!

I hope you are all safe and well and staying busy at home! It has been so lovely to see lots of you this week at school and I am very much looking forward to seeing more of you next week.

Please find some tasks to have a go at at home this week below. Don’t forget to send photos if you would like to share your work and remember to visit the Year 1 page on the school website for lots more links to websites that will be helpful for your learning at home. This website is particularly good – it has lots of packs that can be easily printed off and the tasks change every week:

30 Days Wild

Take part in the Wildlife Trust’s annual nature challenge, 30 Days Wild. The Wildlife Trust want you to do one wild thing a day throughout the whole month of June for your health, well-being and for the planet. That’s 30 simple, fun and exciting Random Acts of Wildness. You can sign up for a pack here which includes goodies to help you plan your wild month, plus lots of ideas to inspire you to stay wild all throughout June (and beyond!):

Maths – sharing into equal groups

Rehearse counting in 2s. You might want to make a counting stick to help you – there are some good examples here:

What do you notice about the numbers when you count in 2s? (They are all even)

How do you know that these numbers are even? Can you use lego pieces or some other small objects you may have at home to show these numbers are even? (Remember all even numbers can be split into two equal groups)

Now choose some odd numbers. What happens when you try to split these numbers into two equal groups?

Look for numbers around your house or when you are next on a walk. Are the numbers you find odd or even? Which numbers can be shared into two equal groups? Can you prove it?

Science – meteorologists in the making!

We’ve had some beautiful weather recently! Did you know that May was the sunniest month in the United Kingdom since records began? Make your own weather station at home using some or all of the ideas here.

You could use your weather station to keep a daily record of the weather! Some scientists have noticed that the weather around the world is changing. Why do you think these changes are happening?

Phonics – adding -s and -es to make a plural

Segment and blend to read the word – peacock.

Segment and blend to read the word – peacocks.

By adding the -s there is now more than one peacock. We call this making the word plural.

Repeat for crocodile/crocodiles, donkey/donkeys, dolphin/dolphins, whale, whales

Segment and blend to read the word – fox.

Segment and blend to read the word – foxes.

Which letters have been added to the end of the word fox to make this a plural?

Notice that e makes an /i/ sound and the s makes a /z/ sound.

Have a go at segmenting and blending /f/ /o/ /x/ /i/ /z/ foxes. Repeat with churches and wishes.

Practise adding -s and -es to words to make them plurals by playing this free game:

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