Year 5 Home Learning

Hello Year 5!
We hope you are still having a fabulous time at home and keeping busy. It is very strange being in school without you but we are looking forward to speaking to you on the phone again soon to hear all about what you have been up to!
We have thought of some activities which we would like you to complete over the next week.
Don’t forget to send photos if you would like to share your work and remember to visit our website for more ideas.
You can also visit this website, which is updated weekly, for additional learning activities:

1) ENGLISH Choose a picture of a setting and write a setting description. Think about the vocabulary you choose- is it creepy? Enchanting? Calming? – and also using different sentence starters. Remember to include some interesting adjectives and verbs.
Challenge: Include a modal verb and a subordinate clause. For example:
Modal verb: Perhaps the sinewy branches of the tree are covering an opening.
Subordinate clause: The vibrant flowers, which were swaying in the wind, were as tall as a tower.

Spelling: Practise the first 10 words from the Year 5/6 Statutory Spellings list in your reading diary.
2) MATHS: Carry out an estimating and measuring activity. Choose 5 household objects, estimate how long you think they are then measure them as accurately as possible (using a ruler or tape measure), to the nearest millimetre (mm) e.g 6cm 7 mm / 6.7cm. Present your findings as a table like this one:

Object                                             Estimate                                                   Actual measurement
Teddy bear                                    12cm                                                         13.5 cm / 13cm 5 mm

Challenge: Can you convert each actual measurement to millimetres and round it to the nearest cm?
3) SCIENCE Find and carry out any Science experiment. This can be as simple or as complex as you like. Think about variables and how to make it a fair test. Some ideas could be: creating a spinner, testing friction on different surfaces like we have done in class or creating a chemical reaction.
4) R.E Remind yourself of Pentecost. Research the fruits of the Holy Spirit and describe a scenario in which that fruit could offer support for someone. For example having patience when you are learning a new task and it is tricky to get right. You can present it how you like, for example: PowerPoint, poster, mini booklet, cartoon strip or a story.

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