Activities for Year 2

Money this week!
Learning to recognise and use symbols for pounds (£) and pence (p). Learn to combine amounts to make a particular value and learn to give change.
Try making a shop using snacks or your toys or chocolate bars. Label the cost of the items in your shop up to a value of £5 Make given amounts using different coin combinations. Find different ways of making the same amount e.g. find different ways of paying £1.25. Record your answers by drawing around coins.
Take turns to play being the shopkeeper and the customer. Practise giving change by counting on. Use different coins and different combinations of goods, shopping list.
Ask and answer questions for example – How many 20p coins make £1? How many 50p coins make £5? Change £1, £2 coins and a £5 note for other coins noting that their value is the same.

Spellings – this week we will continue to look at using apostrophes for possession. Please see the image below.
Writing – write a visitors guide or make a map based on your favourite story setting. Think and talk about what makes good story location. Use your imagination and create your own setting. Draw and write a description of your setting.
RE Read this week’s Wednesday Word (you will find it on the school website) then practise saying the “Our Father”. Make a Thank You card and give it to someone who cares for you at home.

Please check this site for other activities you can do at home this week


It was lovely to speak to many of you this week! I am glad you are staying busy and keeping well.

Have a great week. Stay safe!
Mrs BriscoeIMG_4185

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