Activities for Year 3!

Hello Year 3,

I hope you managed to try some of the activities I sent last week and enjoyed doing them.

Here are some more activities for you to have a go at!

  1. There are lots of different reading books that we have in school on this website. Have a look through (you need to create a free account) and find a book that looks interesting. Read the story through and then rewrite part of the story. This could mean you change what happens or you change the ending. When you are writing, try to include some conjunctions in your writing (you may remember we talked about and used conjunctions a lot in Year 3!)

If you would prefer to use one of your books at home to write a different version of you can!

  1. Have a look at the Wednesday Word – Focus particularly on part two and three. What else can we thank Jesus for? Can you write this in a prayer or poem?
  2. The spellings I have attached this week, (SET 31) have spellings that sound the same but have different meanings. Have a go a finding out the different meanings and writing the correct spellings in sentences.
    You could also try with their, there and they’re and your, you’re and you’ve.
  3. Topic: Can you research the condition’s plants need to grow? What makes them grow best? Do all plants need the same conditions to grow in? Have a look at the names and look of some plants, which ones are your favourite? – You could produce a poster or leaflet explaining what you’ve found!


If you would like to do some more home learning you can use this link for some Year 3 activities.

I have really enjoyed speaking to so many of you on the phone this week and last week. Remember that if you have any questions or messages for me email or call the school and I will get back to you!

Stay safe and I will see you all soon!


Miss Marron

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