This week in Reception…

Hello Reception!

I hope you have had a good week and have been busy again doing lots of things at home with your family.

In school, we have reread ‘Snail and a whale’ by Julia Donaldson and used it to support our learning. Remember to have a look on CBeebies for a copy of the story if you don’t have the book at home. Below are some activities for you to try with your families. Remember to send some photos, pictures, videos or letters into school to share your learning with me. It has made me really happy to see your smiling faces.

Remember to visit our page on the school website for more ideas. You can also visit this website for more home learning activities:

Keep safe and well…and remember to wash your hands.

Love, Mrs Cooper

The snail and the whale activities #2

Sharing the story What happened at the beginning of the story? What happened in the middle? What happened at the end? Create a story map of everything that happens and use it to retell the story. Write some sentences and captions too. Maybe you could make your own book to write your story in. We found another digraph – ‘sh’ in shell. How many words can you find that have the ‘sh’ phoneme in them? Maybe you could make a rhyming list for snail or shell.

Snail homes Make a snail home using a plastic box. Put some damp soil in the bottom of it and add some pots and stones for the snails to hide under. Add a small plastic pot or lid filled with water for the snails to use. Also add some leaves and grass for them to eat. What is their favourite place to hide? How far do they travel in the day? Remember to water your snail home every few days, or put it in the rain for a little while,  so that it stays damp.

Snail calculations How many snails did you find? How many have you started with? How many different ways can you make that number? We had 9 so we can make 4+5, 3+6, 2+7, 1+8 and 9+0. Some of our snails kept crawling out of the box and disappearing. Use the disappearing snails to write some subtraction sentences such as 9-2=7. How will you record your number sentences?

Malleable materials Have a go at creating a snail’s spiral shell using play dough, salt dough or even bread dough. At school, we make play dough by mixing together 2 cups of flour with half a cup of salt, 2 tablespoons of oil, 1 cup of warm water and 2 teaspoons of cream of tartar. Add some food colouring, flavouring or spices to make it more interesting. Write down the instructions to make it another time. There are recipes for salt dough or bread available on line.

Have fun! Let me know if you try any other Snail activities at home.


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