Year 1 Home Learning Tasks

Hello Year 1!

It’s been so lovely to see lots of your faces at school again this week! If you have been at home, I hope you have been enjoying yourself and making the most of the time with your family.  Here are some more home learning tasks that are linked to the learning we have been doing at school. If you would like some more tasks to complete, please take a look at the website below:


Maths – counting and repeated addition

Following on from the maths learning I set you last Friday on the blog, rehearse counting in 2s. You could use your counting stick to help you if you made one last week. Explain to an adult the pattern you are following when counting in 2s.  What do you notice about this pattern?

Find some numbers that you do not find in this pattern. What do you know about these numbers?

Find 16 socks. Count the socks in 1s. Would it be quicker to count the socks in 2s?

Pair the socks up and count them in 2s. Repeat with a different number of socks. What happens if you start with an odd number of socks?

Try writing a repeated addition number sentence to show how many socks you have got altogether. For example, if you have 8 pairs of socks your number sentence would be 2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2=16

We call this repeated addition because we added the same amount more than once.

Ask your adult to give you a selection of even numbers. Make the even numbers using your pairs of socks. Write the repeated addition number sentences down.


History – significant individuals from the past

Choose a significant individual from the past and find out about their life and achievements. You could do your research using non-fiction books you may have at home or the internet. Make a poster or your own non-fiction book about the person you have chosen. You may have heard about some of the protests that have been going on around the world this week. Perhaps you could find out about a person who devoted their life to ending racial discrimination such as Martin Luther King or Rosa Parks.


Phonics – writing sentences using -s and -es to make a plural

Ask an adult at home to dictate some sentences to you using a plural e.g. The foxes were jumping over the log.

Can you write the sentences down remembering to add the correct ending to the plural? Do you need to add -s or -es? Don’t forget to write your sentences down using a capital letter to start, finger spaces between your words and a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark at the end.


R.E. – Corpus Christi

If we had all been together at school this week, we would have celebrated the feast of Corpus Christi with a special procession yesterday. Try making an artwork linked to this special feast day. You could try something like this:

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