Year 6 – Friday Update! Wk2

Good evening Year 6!                                                                                                                           It has been another busy but fun week in school, and I have enjoyed watching Class B improve their line dancing skills in particular! The Queen even made an appearance at one point, but I will tell you more about this when I next see you! We finished our topic of ‘history and medicine through the ages’ and many of you created some wonderful, informative booklets. Well done!


Next week, our topic is ‘The Titanic’. We shall look at density and buoyancy, explore co-ordinates and lines of latitude and longitude and for some art fun, we shall learn how to draw the Titanic, thinking carefully about how choice of colour can affect mood.

In maths, we will first finish our work on sequences. After this, you will have the chance to revise key mathematical concepts that you have learnt this year by designing your own theme park. You will find out more next week!

In English, we will start reading ‘Skellig’ by David Almond. We will be exploring the themes that emerge throughout the story and look at how the main character changes.

Based upon this learning, here are some related activities for you to try at home next week:

  • Make your own model of the Titanic.
  • Write a newspaper report on what happened. Include quotations from survivors.
  • Visit this website and test your confidence with sequences:
  • Write your own story opening and build-up – using Skellig for inspiration. You can find different audio versions of the story on Youtube.

Remember to visit the following website for this week’s updated home learning pack:

Stay safe and see you soon. Mrs Davies 🙂

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