Nursery home learning challenges!

Hello everyone!

Here are your challenges for this week. Have fun with them and don’t forget to send us any photos of you completing the activities. We love seeing your smiling faces!

– Choose your favourite book at home and use the pictures to read the story to someone in your family. You could even think of a different ending, eg  the three bears invited Goldilocks to stay and they lived happily ever after!

– Using the graphemes SATPIN, how many words can you make? Eg at, sat, pat. Can you write the words?

– Play a board game with your family, eg snakes and ladders. How many places would you move if you got one more or one less?

-Next week the forecast is for warm weather. I’d like you to design a poster that tells people how to stay safe in the sun. Think about what people need to wear, drink and put on their skin before going out in the sun.

If you’d like any more activities, don’t forget to look at the website below

http so://

I’ve also recorded a storytime for you as that’s the time that I miss having us all together the most. It’s about a little girl, not much older than you, who lives in Kenya, Africa. I hope you enjoy it!

​Mrs Hurley.                                      Mr Shields

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