Year 1 home learning tasks

Maths – counting in 5s

Once you are confident counting in 2s, try counting in 5s. Use your fingers to help you.

Count your fingers one by one, whispering the first 4 numbers in the set and saying the 5th in a louder voice.

For example:

Whisper – 1, 2, 3, 4

Louder voice – 5

Whisper – 6, 7, 8, 9

Louder voice – 10

Use the counting stick you made to help you count in 2s and now try grouping the objects in 5s and counting them. Write down the multiples of 5 on post-it notes and place them on your counting stick in the correct place. What do you notice about the numbers? (All of the numbers have a 0 or 5 in the 1s, the pattern is odd, even, odd, even)

Try counting things around your house in 5s until you are confident. Your adult could group some objects in 5s for you and ask you to work out how many objects there are altogether. If sweets came in packets of 5 and you wanted to buy enough for Year 1 (30 children!) how many packets would you need to buy?

Phonics – reading and spelling adjectives that have the -er suffix added

Segment and blend the word k/i/n/d.

Remember the grapheme i can also make the /igh/ sound.

Try adding -er onto the end of kind.

The word kinder lets you compare how kind things are. We have added a suffix to the end of the adjective kind and have changed the meaning. Can you tell your adult what an adjective is?

A suffix is a group of letters that can be added to the end of a word to change the meaning.

Ask your adult to read you this list of adjectives and try spelling them yourself and adding the er suffix to change the meaning – neat, quick, slow, weak, cheap, short, strong, dark, cold.

You could try writing some sentences with these words. Don’t forget full stops, capital letters, fingers spaces and cursive letters when writing your sentences!

Geography – to name the world’s seven continents

Use an atlas or an online map of the world to see if you can locate the seven continents. Find out a little but about each of the continents and make a poster or non-fiction book about your learning. You could find out about the types of animals that are found in each continent, the foods that are eaten, the climate and the countries that make up each continent.

D.T. – design a fruit smoothie or salad

Taste a variety of fruits and design a fruit salad or smoothie for your family to try. Perhaps you could ask your adult to try some fruits you have not tried before. Draw and label your smoothie or salad and label the ingredients you want to include. Ask an adult to help you prepare your dish and taste. What do they think? Would you change anything next time?

If you would like some more tasks to complete, don’t forget to take a look at the website below:

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