Year 2 Activities

It has been really busy in school this week with lots of children in my Key Worker Group.  It feels strange to be back in the Year 2 classroom without you all!  I hope you are all staying well.  Thank you to those who sent in photographs of some of last week’s activities.  Henry and Conor your chocolate bar designs look delicious!

English –

This week’s spellings are











for an extra challenge, can you find some more words that end with -ion. Can you use the dictionary to find out what the words mean and write them in a sentence.

Summer Reading Challenge is coming soon.  You can register now at

Try to read a little each day.  Remember to talk about your book with an adult.  Write a book review to say what you liked or didn’t like about the story.  Can you write a different ending?  Try to write your ending using the style the author used e.g. if it is a story written in rhyme your ending will need to be in rhyme too.  If it is a traditional tale or a fairy story will your characters live happily ever after?



Please continue to work with money this week.  Write a shopping list of fruit or vegetables or sweets that you would like to buy.  Give each item a price and then total how much different combinations of items on your list would cost in total.  What would happen to the cost if items went up by 10p each or 20p each?  What would the new totals be?  Which coins could you use to pay for the items? Are there different combinations of coins that would make the same amount?  Do the same activities but imagine that the items were in a 1/2 price sale!  Practise increasing and decreasing prices and do the calculations and use coins to make the different amounts.  How could you record your work?  I would love you to send me your ideas.  Happy shopping!


Please read this week’s Wednesday Word.  Write a prayer to the Holy Spirit asking for the gift of courage.  Please research the symbols used to represent The Holy Spirit.  Try to learn the traditional prayer “Come Holy Spirit”  Enjoy singing “Holy Spirit fills me up”


Remember to check out for lots of great home learning ideas.

I hope you are enjoying the activities I send each week.  Please remember to contact me if you have any worries or questions about the work you are doing at home.


God Bless and stay safe!

Mrs Briscoe





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