Year 5 Home Learning

Hello Year 5!
It’s been another busy week here in school; we are really missing seeing you all and being all together. Until that time, here are some more activities to do. Please feel free to share any of your tasks with us.

Watch this short video called “Birthday Boy” which is about a little boy living in Korea during the war. We see Manuk make his own toys out of items he finds around his village. Your task is to draw your own toy made out of household items and describe. Then either write a descriptive paragraph describing what you have used for each part and the purpose of the toy or label the features on your design with a short sentence explaining what each part is made of and does.
Practise the next 10 words from the Year 5/6 Statutory Spellings list in your reading diary.
Have a discussion with the people in your home, using the same Birthday Boy video. Talk about your general understanding and perception of the video, what it would have been like for Manuk and his family growing up and living in a war. How would you feel in those circumstances? Do we have any similarities and differences to Manuk? Thinking about his lifestyle, what does it make you grateful for?
Draw nets and make some 3D shapes. Challenge yourself to create some of the more complex ones such as a hexagonal prism or a dodecahedron! Then create a table with the shape name and their properties.
4) ART
Research aboriginal art and create a dot painting using the signs, symbols and colour schemes.

Remember to visit the following website for this week’s updated home learning pack:
Stay Safe,
Mrs Vincenti-Morrison and Mrs Mather

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