Year Four Weekly Activities

Hello Year Four!

The grass is certainly looking greener this week and there have been some impressive thunder and lightening storms as well as extremely heavy rain.

I hope you’ve been getting out and about in between all the showers. It’s been lovely to see that everything is growing in the school grounds. If you walk down the wiggly path you can see lots of different plants are flowering and there are lots of mini beasts to look at!

Below are some activities for you to do in the next week. Remember to have another look at this website too:

The activities on this website change each week so there will be something new to look at if you check back again.

Mrs Newham

This weeks’ activities:

Imagine you are living on a pirate ship. Write a diary entry about your day.

Choose one really exciting thing you could write about – such as being chased by a sea monster or narrowly escaping from other pirates. Remember to include some fronted adverbials to create excitement.

Rescue Mission

You are stranded on a desert island and must trace letters in the sand so that any passing aircraft can rescue you.

Draw a grid like the one above and then write the co-ordinates you would need to use in order to write the word ‘help’.


A sacrament is a moment in your life when you receive God’s grace.They can help us at particular points in our life’s journey or we might receive them more regularly.

Make your own book which names each sacrament and explains when someone might receive it. Think about those which you have received already and explain how they help you.

Local Invertebrate Guide

Invertebrates can be classified into five different groups. These are: molluscs (snails and slugs),annelids (worms), arachnids (spiders), crustaceans (crabs and  lobsters) and insects.

Make a guidebook which shows each class of invertebrates and draw and write about examples of these which you can find in the UK. Don’t forget to clearly label your pictures and diagrams. You could include pictures of their food or habitat.

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