This week in Reception…

Hello Reception!

How many of you have been cooling off in your paddling pool? We’ve tried to stay in the shade here in school.

In school, we have revisited ‘The very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. We were so excited to discover that the caterpillars we found on the wiggly path have changed into cocoons. The Hungry Caterpillar took two weeks to change into a butterfly so we’re counting the days until our butterflies appear. I’ve attached some more activities you can try at home with your families. Remember to send some photos, pictures, videos, or letters into school to share your learning with me. It has been great to see the Caterpillar and butterfly learning that you have done at home already.

Remember to visit our page on the school website for more ideas. You can also visit this website for more home learning activities:

Keep safe and well…and remember to wash your hands and apply sunscreen.

Love, Mrs Cooper

The Very Hungry Caterpillar activities #2

Sharing the story Eric Carle has written many stories about minibeasts and different animals. Make a list of the different animals and minibeasts he has written about. Which other story have you read? Did you like it more or less than the Hungry Caterpillar? Why? Choose a minibeasts to write about. What does it look like? What does it eat? Where does it sleep? How many of the tricky words we know can you use in your sentences? Practise spelling your tricky words too.

Symmetry If you look at a butterfly’s wings, the pattern is symmetrical. If a circle is close to the body on one side it is close to the body on the other side. If it is blue on the edge of the wing on one side it is also blue on the edge at the other side. Have a try at creating a symmetrical pattern. Paint a pattern on one half of a piece of paper. Fold it in half and press down to transfer the paint to the other side. Open it up and there is your symmetrical pattern. How about cutting it out in a butterfly shape?

Caterpillar Jelly The Hungry Caterpillar ate lots of different food but he didn’t try jelly. To tempt him to try some, we made some fruit flavour jelly and put fruit pieces in: for example, this week we made strawberry jelly with strawberries in it. Which fruit would you try? Which flavour jelly would you use? Remember to write down the recipe so we can give it to the Hungry Caterpillar.

Sports Day It should have been our Sports’ Day next week, but instead of missing out, we are having a virtual Sports Day. Look out for Miss Puccio’s email which explains some activities for you to try at home. Record how well you do and let us know here in school – photos or videos would be great. Practise the tasks two or three times to challenge yourself to do even better. Remember to keep drinking if it is hot again. We will be trying them in school too.

Have fun!

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