Weekly Activities for Year Four

Hello Year Four!

I’ve enjoyed the phone calls I’ve had with some of you this week and if I haven’t spoken to you yet, I am looking forward to having a chat over the next week or two.

It’s been so hot this week – I think everything is melting. I hope you are all keeping cool and staying safe in the sun.

I know we won’t have our usual sports day this summer, but we’re going to have a virtual one instead! Miss Puccio has sent out a Parentmail explaining how to join in, so I am looking forward to hearing about how you get on!

Below are some activities for you to do in the next week. Remember to have another look at this website too: https://classroomsecrets.co.uk/free-home-learning-packs/

The activities on this website change each week so there will be something new to look at if you check back again.

Mrs Newham

This weeks’ activities:

Information Reports

Write an information report about a subject you know really well.

Think about all the different elements of your subject. For example if it was about football, you might have several different paragraphs – one paragraph for the rules of the game, another for famous players, another for interesting facts and so on.

Remember to include some diagrams and pictures, with captions to explain what they show.

Use heading and subheadings in order to organise the information in your report.

Use conjunctions, such as because, if, so, which, or when, to add extra clauses to your sentences. Use conjunctions at the beginning of some of your sentences and use a comma to separate the subordinate clause from the main clause.

Different types of Triangle

Look at the different triangles above and think about the properties each triangle has.

Carefully draw some triangles. (You could start with six).

Try and make sure you have two scalene triangles, two equilateral triangles and two right angled triangles.

Cut out the triangles and sort them using a diagram like the one below. What do you notice?

Nature Detectives

Have a look at the Woodland Trust website and find out about how you can identify different trees by looking at the leaves.


While you are out and about, have a look at the trees you can see.

See if you can find five different types of tree.

Find out their names

Do a very careful drawing of a leaf from each tree.

Label each drawing, giving information about the edge of leaf (is it curved or serrated?) and whether it has compound leaves, pinnate leaves or palmate laves.  

Willow Pattern Plates

Watch the clip that tells the story that is shown on Willow Pattern plates.

Design your own willow pattern plate by following these instructions:

  1. Draw a few pictures that show the main parts of another story you know well.
  2. Copy the pictures onto a paper plate, or a circle of paper using pencil.
  3. Use a blue pen or a fine paintbrush and blue paint, over the pencil lines.  

Spellings for this week….

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