Year 1 home learning tasks

Hello again Year 1!

I hope you are all well and have been keeping yourselves cool in this hot weather! It has been such a treat seeing even more of you in school this week. Here are some activities for you to complete if you are at home next week. If you would like some more tasks, please take a look at the website below:

Maths – counting in 10s

Make sure you are confident counting in 2s and 5s. You could ask your adult to print you off a 100- square or make one yourself and colour in all the numbers you say when you count in 2s or 5s. Do you notice anything about the numbers you have coloured in? Can you spot a pattern?

Find a printable 100-square here:

This week I’d like you to have a go at counting in 10s. Use a 100-square to find the numbers you say when you start at 0 and add 10 more each time. What do you notice about the numbers?

Ask an adult at home for a big pile of pasta or you could use Lego pieces if you have them. Try counting the objects in 1s. Would it quicker to count the objects in 10s? Have a go at placing the objects into groups of 10. How many groups have you made? Do you have any objects left over that don’t fit into a group of 10? Try counting the objects in 10s to find how many objects you have got altogether.

Ask an adult to play this game with you. They should flash their 10 fingers at you 5 times. You should count in 10s to see how many fingers they have shown you altogether. Repeat with different numbers of flashes.

Phonics – reading and spelling adjectives that have the -est suffix added

Look at the words kind, kinder and kindest.

Do you notice that while we add -er to compare two things, we add -est to say that someone or something is the most kind.

Sound out and blend the word kindest carefully. Do you notice that kind/e/st doesn’t sound right and that the -est ending actually sounds like /i/st? Have a go with the words oldest and darkest too.

Try reading these sentences:

Can you spot the adjectives with the -est suffix added?  What kind of sentences are these? Write sentences to answer the questions. Don’t forget a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop or exclamation mark when you write your answers!

Science – identifying materials

Have a look around your house and make a list of different objects you find and the materials they are made from. You might find wood, plastic, glass, metal, fabric…Do you notice that you find some materials more often than others? Why are some materials used more than others? Ask your adult if you can look through the items in your recycling box at home. What are the objects in your recycling box made from? Look carefully at the back of food packaging you have at home. Do you notice any symbols which show you whether or not the material can be recycled?

Art – colour mixing

We’ve had some really beautiful and interesting skies recently. We’ve been looking at the sky at school this week and learned how to mix different shades of blue to create paintings of the sky. If you have some paints at home you could have a go at this too. We noticed that the clouds were different shapes and sizes. You could watch this video at home with an adult and see which types you can spot in the sky this week!

Sports Day 

It should have been our Sports’ Day next week, but instead of missing out, we are having a virtual Sports Day. Look out for Miss Puccio’s email which explains some activities for you to try at home. Record how well you do and let us know here in school – photos or videos would be great. Practise the tasks two or three times to challenge yourself to do even better. We will be trying them in school too.

Have fun!

Ms Coleman

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