Year 2 Home Learning

Wow! What a warm week it has been! I hope you are all keeping well and staying cool. Well done to Eamon and Orla for sending evidence of their learning at home. I loved the cooking too Orla. Remember to send your photographs in to school we really love seeing what you are doing at home.

This week’s spellings are taken from the Year 2 list of common exception words. Most of these have been covered before but it is really important that we know these ready for Year Three.
















For writing this week please design and make a Leaflet about yourself for your Year 3 teacher. Remember to use the key features of this type of writing. Ensure that you have clear information and headings. Make sure your organise your sentences into paragraphs and make sure that each paragraph is about a single aspect of your information. Plan the content and then decide how to present the information. Are you going to make a zig-zag book or a folded leaflet? Are you going to include photographs or drawings. Will you type it and print it or will it be handwritten? Try to include some interesting facts you think she will need to know. When you have finished your leaflet you could send it into school. Include a covering letter. You will find the name of your new teacher in the letter included with your school report! Guess who? She is very lucky to have you joining her in September!

For Maths this week please complete some number work. Use the numbers in the grid to write different addition sums. Can you do any of the calculations mentally by partitioning each number into tens and ones? What other strategies can you use? Write your workings if you need to. How about trying to add 3 of the numbers together, How many can you complete in 5 minutes?

For RE this week read the Wednesday Word. Think about what “Faith” means. Can you write a bedtime prayer asking God to help you grow in faith? Try to find out something about St. Peter and about St. Paul. Why do you think they have a special feast day?

Remember there are lots of other ideas for you on http://www.classroomsecrets and these activities change each week. We are on Summer 10 now.

You will all receive your school reports soon. I hope you enjoy reading them. I certainly enjoyed writing them! You should all be very proud of the work you have done in school and at home this year! I am very sad that you are not able to come back before the end of term but please remember you are in my thoughts and prayers everyday!

Have a great weekend!

God Bless

Mrs Briscoe

This week

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