Year 6 – Week 4

Good evening Year 6!

Can you believe we are nearly in July? It only feels like yesterday we were altogether in class singing our ratio song! And what exciting news about you all being able to come into school on Thursday the 16th of July! I cannot wait for us all to be together again. I hope you have all had a fun week whatever you have been doing. What did you enjoy the most? What are you most grateful for this week?


As we continue to delve deeper into the classic ‘Skellig’, here is a question to ponder:

  1. Michael is very unhappy at the beginning of the novel. Discuss how Michael’s life changes after he discovers Skellig and meets Mina. Think about ways that you deal with fear and loneliness. How can you help a friend who appears unhappy?
  2. Mina led me up the rickety stairs and suddenly, everything was revealed. Starting with this sentence, can you rewrite this part of the story? Can you create tension for your audience? (chapter 13).


This week, we have been using ‘Microsoft Excel’ in class to design a theme park. This involved using formulae to calculate the costs of running the park, the total income from ticket sales, and the profit made. Can you create your own spreadsheet? Perhaps you could design a different place to visit.

Now let’s do some revision on fractions and percentages!

  1. In a Maths test, Tommy answered 62% of the questions correctly. Rosie answered 3/5 of the questions correctly. Who answered more questions correctly? Explain your answer.
  2. ‘80% off’ or ‘Save 4/5’ Which of the following offers would be most appealing?  Why? Explain your reasoning.


  1. What is buoyancy? How does this help a ship to float? Explain.
  2. Can you make another tinfoil boat? Will it float? How many coins can it hold before it sinks?
  3. Why were so many lives lost on the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic? Was anyone to blame? You could answer the question following this structure:                        

Introduction – What was the Titanic? What happened?

Main Body:

Ship design – how did the design of the ship cause so many people to die?

Human Error – how did errors made onboard the Titanic cause so many people to die?

Bad luck – how did bad luck cause so many people to die?

Weather – how did the weather cause so many people to die?

Conclusion Summarise everything you have said. Present your opinion.

You can find information by clicking these links:

Here is a picture of Trystan with his fantastic Titanic model that he made at home last week. A fantastic effort Trystan!

Remember to visit the following website for this week’s updated home learning pack:

Try to join in with our Sports Day activities if you can and remember to send any photos to We love to see them!

Have a fabulous week!

Mrs Davies

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