Home learning ideas for Year 3!

Hello Year 3,

Here are some more learning ideas!

R.E – This week would have been our Holy Communion mass at school. Think about the order of mass. What happens first? What is something everyone does during mass? What do only some people do? Can you create a poster or leaflet explaining the order of the mass? (You might need to do some research) You could include a title, headings and pictures

Spellings –Have a look at the rest of the statutory words (in the fish) that you need to know how to spell but the end of Year Four.
Colouring time!
a) Look at the picture of the fish.
b) Colour the words:Orange – Words you know the meaning of and can confidently spell.

Green – Words you know the meaning of but aren’t confident at spelling.
Red – Words you don’t know the meaning of but can spell.
Blue – Words you do not know the meaning or spelling of.
c) Over the week, try to find the meanings of some words you were not sure of and try to learn some new spellings of words you aren’t confident with.

You can continue you have a look at these words over the next few weeks. Then, colour in the fish again, how many can you change the colour of? 

Something that you don’t need to worry about

Writing – A piece of advice for being in Year 3!  
This letter will be more formal than your last letter. Try to include a greeting, paragraphs and a summary at the end of your letter. I will show any you send to school (by email, twitter or post) to Year 3 so try to use your best handwriting and use lots of wow vocabulary such as conjunctions and adjectives. If you wanted to, you could try typing your letter!

Maths – In our maths lesson, we love to answer word problems! Have a go at answering these money word problems!

1) Louis orders a hamburger and an ice cream.

How much will his order cost? 

Louis pays with a ten-pound note. How much change will he have?

2) Amelia buys 2 hamburgers and 1 cola

How much will this order cost?

How much change will Amelia get if she pays with £20.00?

3) Freddy spends £5.25 in the Burger Bar.

What does he buy?

4) Choose 3 or more items from the burger bar for yourself.
Calculate the total cost of your order.

5) Can you write some of your own money problems for someone else to answer? I will have a go at answering them if you send them to me! – I loved seeing your graphs Amelia L!

If you haven’t already you could have a go at our virtual sports day – well done Amelia L and Louis!

You join the summer reading challenge here – 

If you would like to do some more home learning you can use this link for some Year 3 activities.   https://classroomsecrets.co.uk/free-home-learning-packs/

Stay safe and I will see you all soon!

Miss Marron 

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