This week in Reception…

Hello, lovely Children!

Can you believe it is July? Where has the time gone? Lots of children are turning 5 this month in Reception. Let me know how you celebrate if it is your birthday.

How did you get on with the Sports Day challenges? We had lots of fun. The egg and spoon race was especially fun to try.

This week we have been learning about forests. We shared the story ‘Where the wild things are’ by Maurice Sendak and imagined who or what we may find on an expedition to the forest. Remember to send some photos, pictures, videos or letters into school to share your learning with me. Thank you very much for those I’ve had so far.

Remember to visit our page on the school website for more ideas. You can also visit this website for more home learning activities:

Keep safe and well…and remember to wash your hands.

Love, Mrs Cooper

Forest activities

Use your imagination Max met lots of different creatures when he was in the forest. Who will you meet? What do they look like? Are they friendly or not? Write some sentences to describe your adventure to the forest. Segment the word ‘forest’. How many words can you find that have these phonemes in? Are they at the beginning or the end? Are they tricky words?

Natural and manmade materials Which materials are man made? Which are natural? How do you know? Collect a range of items from your house and garden. Sort them out into two groups – manmade and natural. Make some labels for your sets. Remember to label the items you have found too.

Create your creature Go for a walk outside. It could be your garden or a park or a wood. Collect lots of natural materials of different shapes and sizes. Use these items to create a forest creature. How many legs has it got? And arms? Does it have a tail or big ears?

Longer and shorter Sort your natural materials from shortest to longest. Which is the longest? How long is it? What can you use to measure it? Coins? Stones? A ruler or tape measure? Which is the shortest? How many objects did you find altogether? How many sticks? How many leaves? Use these numbers to make some number sentences. Try adding and subtracting. Why not try sorting them into groups of two and then try counting in twos.

Have fun! Let me know if you try any other Forest activities at home?

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