Year 2 Tasks

Hello Year 2. I hope you are all keeping well and have been working on last week’s tasks at home. It has been a very busy week in school and it was exciting to get the news that everyone should be able to come back in September. I hope you received your letter from Miss Marron. I have been working with her over the last few weeks so I have had a chance to tell her all about you. She is excited to meet you all properly next term.

This week in Maths please think about sequences and patterns in number. Write down the multiples of 10, 5, 2, 3, 4, what patterns do you notice? Which numbers are in more than one of your lists? Why do you think this is true? Ask an adult to give you the first numbers in a sequence can you continue the pattern and write the next 3 numbers in the pattern? Explain how you found the answers (adults please make some of the patterns tricky e.g give patterns where the numbers get smaller – a take 3 pattern. Or give a pattern that requires you to add 1 then add 2 then add 3 eg. 5, 6, 8, 11). Try setting your own challenges. Can the other people at home solve them?


Watch the weather forecast on the news or look it up on BBC Weather. What symbols are used to show the different types of weather. What information is given? How does the weather change over the course of the day? Can you present your own weather report to your family based on what you have found out? Write a weather report to predict based on the information you have read. Can you predict what might happen next?

The Summer Reading Challenge is now live. Log on at

Try to keep your reading going. Remember a little each day is best. Think about the type of books you enjoy reading and this will help you to select your Reading Challenge choices.

Spellings this week. Try the next group of Common exception words for Year 2. This will be revision. It is important that you know these before Year 3.
















Virtual Sports Day – please don’t forget to try the Sports Day Challenges posted on the website this week. We tried them in school and had great fun between the rain showers.

RE The theme of this week’s Wednesday Word is Companionship. Think about what this means. What makes a good companion. Think about your friends, what is it that makes them special to you? How can you show that you are a reliable, faithful and loyal friend. Write a letter to your friend or give them a telephone call or e.mail to say hello and tell them you are thinking about them.

Once again I want to remind you to check the home learning ideas on http://www.classroom The home learning packs change every week. . Don’t forget to send any photographs you have we would love to see what you are doing. Miss Marron is also waiting for your letters from last week’s task.

Stay safe. I hope we have some sunny weather next week.

God Bless

Mrs Briscoe

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