Year Four’s Weekly Message

Hello again Year Four!

I cannot believe that it is nearly the end of term! It is so strange to think that if we were in class we would be getting ready to do lots of fun end of term activities and I am very upset that this year we are missing out on all those lovely things we can normally do together.

This week I have some more activities for you to do. Don’t forget to have a look at

Mrs Newham

Year Four Home Learning Activities

Negative Number Journeys.


Have a look at this diagram of a building. What can you do if you visit each level? Which would be your favourite level to visit?

Now for a question….

Hattie was in the cinema. She collected her car from Level -3 and then drove out at street level.

In total, how many levels did she travel through?

What calculation, or calculations, could represent her journey?

Make up some of your own problems and write a calculation or calculations to go with them.

Rosa Parks

Watch the clip of Rosa Parks.

Re-tell her story in your own words, explaining why her actions were important. Don’t forget to include beautiful drawings to illustrate her story. Use different paragraphs for each part of the story. Don’t forget to use adverbials to add extra detail.

Create Your Own Abstract Art.

Visit and look at some of the paintings by the artist Fiona Rae. Look at the titles of the paintings and choose one to look at carefully.  

Think about how the picture makes you feel and whether the colours affect your emotions as you look at the picture.

Draw a picture of the view from your window, and then draw or paint another picture of the same view, this time using shapes to represent objects, rather than drawing the objects as you see them.

Think about the colours you use and how this will make people feel when they look at the picture.

Eco Warriors

Think about the areas you see when you go for a walk, or maybe an area in your garden, and consider the wildlife that lives there. Sketch the different creatures or plants that you can see.

Now you are going to design your own wildlife area.

  1. Think about the different animals you would like to visit your area and write a list.
  2. Write a list of what you will grow in your wildlife area to encourage those animals to visit. For example, you might plant particular plants, or include dark damp places to encourage snails, which in turn will encourage birds to come and eat them. You might include a mini pond, as water is important for all animals.
  3. Draw a plan of your wildlife area and label the different features and why you have chosen them.

Spellings for this week


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