A final message for Year 1

Hello Year 1!

This will be my final post to you before the summer holiday. It seems so long since we were all together, but I am so happy to have been able to see so many of you at school despite everything! You have been so fantastic, following all the strange rules so well and coming in with big smiles on your faces every day. You are a real credit to the school and your parents. A huge well done is also due to those of you that have been at home (and your adults!) for all your hard work and support with your home learning. Thank you for all the photos you have been sending in. It has been so lovely to see what you have been getting up to.

You are going to have such a wonderful year in Year 2. You must all be very excited! Enjoy your summer and make sure you have lots of fun! I will see you in September!

Ms Coleman

Weekly Home Learning Tasks 

Maths – division by grouping

Ms Coleman needs 20 apples. There are 5 apples in each bag.

We know how many apples there are and the number in each group but we do not know how many groups there are.

How many bags of apples does Ms Coleman need altogether?

Try drawing 30 apples and grouping them in 5s.

Count in 5s to check how many apples there are altogether.

Mrs Briscoe needs 30 cakes for her new Year 2 class! The cakes come in packs of 2. How many packs does she need? Draw a picture and circle the groups of 2. Count in 2s to check how many cakes there are altogether.

Ask your adult to create some more problems like this for you that involve grouping in 2s, 5s or 10s. Draw yourself a picture and draw round the groups to help you solve the problem.

For an extra challenge try this problem:

How many different ways can you group 20 into equal groups?


Phonics – learning to read and spell contractions

Write the words it is with each letter on a small individual square of paper.

We don’t normally say it is. We shorten it to make it quicker to say – it’s.

Take the piece of paper with the i on it, scrumple it up, and squish the scrumpled piece of paper into an apostrophe shape, sticking it back where it was.

The other letters may need shuffling up a bit so there are no spaces because it is now one word instead of two.

Blend to read it as one new word.

Repeat with do not/don’t (notice the pronunciation change) and I will/I’ll.

The apostrophe goes back in the place where the letters were (not in the gap between the words). The apostrophe doesn’t represent any sound – just missing letters.

Play this game to rehearse reading contractions:



English – letter writing

Have a go at writing a letter to Mrs Briscoe telling her all about yourself. Include some adjectives to describe your personality and how you might be feeling about moving up to Year 2. Could you include some questions for Mrs Briscoe about Year 2?


Art – create a stick sculpture

We’ve been getting creative with sticks this week at school. Can you make a stick sculpture on a walk or in your garden in the style of Andy Goldsworthy?


Activities to keep you going over summer!

Rehearse counting in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s forwards and backwards.

Revise number bonds to 10 and 20 (pairs of numbers that make 10 and 20 e.g. 0+10, 1+9 etc.) You could play this game here:


Keep your reading up – a little each day is best!

Try to complete the Summer Reading Challenge.  If you haven’t already done so you can register at http://www.summerreadingchallenge.org.uk

Keep a diary – write a sentence or two each day and draw a picture to explain what you did. Don’t forget capital letters, finger spaces and a full stop! Try to form your letters in the cursive style, using a lead in, ‘here we go’ stroke. Find a booklet to practise your cursive letter formation here: https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t-l-526885-ks1-cursive-letter-formation-practice-activity-booklet

Keep working on the Year 1 ‘Common Exception Word’ list. You can start work on the Year 2 list if you know these already.


Work on learning to tell the time. Make sure you are confident with o’clock and half past times before moving on to quarter past and quarter to. Ask your adults if you can start wearing a watch.  You can check the time regularly throughout the day. You could also play this game:


Try to get outside every day. The Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild is officially over now, but you can still find lots of outdoor inspiration on their website.


Be kind to the people at home with you.  Try to do something for someone else every day (tidy up without being asked, set the table, tell someone you love them)

Remember there are lots more activities on this website if you want to try them:


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