A message for Nursery

Dear children,

I hope you are all safe and well. I can’t believe that we are nearly at the end of the school year! I hope you are all enjoying the home learning activities and here are a few more for you to try next week:

Share a story with an adult. Can you talk about what happened at the beginning of the story? How about the middle and end? Can you discuss the setting of the story? Did it take place in a forest or a farm? Was there more than one setting? Draw a picture of your favourite part of the story and give reasons why you like this part best.

Rhyming– Can you think of three words that rhyme with the following: dog, sun, red. They can be real words or made up ones! For example, dog rhymes with rog. Pick one set of rhyming words, what sounds can you hear in each word? For example, dog, d-o-g. Have a go and writing some of your rhyming words.

Order by size– Have a look in your garden or local park for some natural objects, for example leaves or sticks. Put three of them in order from smallest to biggest. This could also be done with books or pencils. Now try putting five objects in size order.

Kim’s Game– Choose five items from around your house. For example, a teddy bear, a wooden spoon, a roll or sellotape,  a toy car and a pair of scissors. Cover the items with a cloth or tea towel. Ask an adult to remove one of the objects while you close your eyes. Can you remember which object is missing? Swap roles and this time you remove one of the objects. Why not try this game with seven objects! Have fun!

Remember to look at the school website for more ideas. You can also visit this website for more home learning activities:

Best wishes,

Mr Shields and Mrs Hurley

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