Goodbye Year 2

My last post to you Year 2.  I feel very sad that it is time to say goodbye.  It was very sad that our Year together ended in March but I know that you have been working hard at home and will be ready to begin Year 3 in September.

Over the next few weeks there are some important jobs for you to do;

Have fun! ( let’s hope we get some sunny weather and you are able to enjoy being outside)

Try to get outside everyday, look for changes in the weather, check the weather report each day.  Continue to look for the symbols you learned about last week. look for signs of changes in the seasons.  Are there changes to plants, trees or wildlife?

Keep reading – try to read at least one book each week and write a short book review about it.  What did you enjoy?  Is there anything you would change? Try to complete the Reading Challenge.  If you haven’t already done so you can register on

Practise your writing – make sure you keep practising your handwriting so that it is neat and legible.  Try out using a pen.  You will need to bring your own pencil case to school next term so spend the summer getting your favourite equipment ready. You will need a pencil, some crayons,  an eraser, a pencil sharpener.  Make sure your pencil is a small zip style that will not take up too much space on your table.

Keep a journal – include some information about what you have done during the day and also your thoughts and feelings.  Try to use some interesting adjectives to describe what you have seen and how you are feeling. Draw some pictures in it.

Work on learning to tell the time.  I know you have all made a good start on this.  Ask your parents if you can start wearing a watch.  You can check the time regularly throughout the day. Time yourself doing tasks.

Be kind to the people at home with you.  Try to do something for someone else everyday (tidy up without being asked, set the table, tell someone you love them)

Final Week Tasks

For the final week of term time revise all the common exception words from Year 1 and 2 and make sure you can spell them all. Work on a few each day, try not to do the whole list at once.

the    you   once   eye   wild
today   your   ask   could   climb
of   they   friend   should   most
said   here   school   because   only
says   there   put   find   both
are   where   push   improve   old
were   love   pull   bath   father
was   come   house   behind   every
his   some   our   child   great
has   one   door   children   break
everybody   clothes   money   half   people
water   parents   Christmas   even   class
fast   water   again   sugar   who
whole   eye   after   pretty   plant

RE this week.  Read the Wednesday Word.  This week is all about listening.  Try to spend some quiet time really listening to your thoughts.  Say The “Our Father” and ask God to listen to your prayers.

For English remember to write your letter to Miss Marron.  Well done to those people who have already completed their letter and information leaflet. She is really enjoying learning more about you.  Write a letter to Year 1 telling them about being in Year 2 and what they can expect!

For Maths this week check out TT Rock Stars if you can if not please practise your tables

2s, 5s, 10s, 3s and 4s

Check out http://www.classroom secrets for extra activities.

Have a great summer Year 2, I have really enjoyed being your teacher. You were always ready to work hard and we had a lot of fun along the way.  We still don’t know who stole those cookies do we?  You are ready for Year 3 and will have a great time next year.  I have been working with Miss Marron and have told her about you.  She is really excited to meet you properly. I hope we will have a chance to catch up and find out all about the things you have been up to.

God Bless you and your wonderful families!

Mrs Briscoe






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