Goodbye Year 5!

Hello Year 5!

We’ve finally made it to the last week of Year 5! It’s been a long term hasn’t it?! Well done for all your hard work – you’ve definitely earned your Summer holidays!


We’ve been telling Mrs Davies all about you and how hard you work. We thought it would be a good idea to write her a letter to introduce yourself! You could include what you like/dislike, what you are good at, what you might need help with and what you are looking forward to. Perhaps you could tell her your favourite thing you have done during ‘Lockdown’.  You can add any extra details you wish. Remember to use paragraphs and some wonderful vocabulary and sentence structure to impress her! You can either send it via email or bring it in September. Best Handwriting!

Practise the next 10 words from the Year 5/6 Statutory Spellings list in your reading diary.


Solve this problem:

Please Please Please keep up with your reading and times tables over the Summer!
Have a fun-filled Summer holiday and we can’t wait to see you all next door in September!

Mrs Mather and Mrs Vincenti-Morrison

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