One Last Friday Blog for Year Four

Year Four I cannot believe it is the last week of term next week. It seems so long since we’ve been together in school and I have really missed hearing all of your lovely songs and funny stories, as well as helping you with your brilliant learning. I know I set you the challenge of learning something new every day and following your interests at the start of the school closure. I can see, both from the pictures you have sent in and from our phone conversations,  that you have lived up to the challenge. Well done and thank you for being such a brilliant class!

I thoroughly enjoyed teaching all of you this year and I look forward to seeing you again in September. Even though I know I will not be with you all the time, I will only be next door and I will certainly come and say hello.

Have a lovely summer and take care.

Mrs Newham


Weekly Activities

Remember to look at

Find the Area

  1. Draw a rectangular shape on squared paper. You can find the area by counting the squares.

You can write a multiplication that shows the area of the shape.

Area 1

Now draw four more rectangles and do this for each one.


  1. Now look at this shape. Can you see that it is made out of two rectangles joined together?

area 2#

You could write two multiplications to show the area of this shape.

You might write:

5 groups of 2 and 4 groups of 2

5 x 2 and 4 x 2

Draw some more shapes similar to this one, but using different numbers of squares.

Write two base facts which show the area of the shape.

Holiday Dreams

Design your own holiday resort – think about the accommodation and the surrounding area. You might include a cinema or a spa at your holiday resort, or maybe you will be able to hire bikes.

Now write a brochure persuading people to stay there. Include a paragraph for each different section of your resort. Use expanded noun phrases to make your holiday resort sound attractive. Begin some sentences with conjunctions, like if, when, or after.

Archimboldo Collage

Look at this picture by the artist Archimboldo. Notice how he has used fruit in the portrait.


Cut out lots of pictures of fruit from magazines or draw pictures or fruit and cut them out. When you have done this, you can arrange them to make your own self portrait.

Wildlife Challenge

Visit the wildlife trust website and choose one of the activities to do with your family, or use one of the spotter sheets to do your own wildlife hunt.



















And for the Summer Holidays…..

Have lots of fun in your summer holiday. If you’re looking for something to do, have a look at these ideas…..

 Check out for holiday learning packs.


Make sure you’ve signed up for the online reading challenge at

Read plenty of books you love so you can tell us all about them in September!


Practise your times tables on TT Rockstars.


Log into your Read Theory account to practise your reading skills.


Practise your handwriting


Learn the Year Three and Four spelling words that are in the middle of your reading diaries.


Write a letter introducing yourself to your new teacher.


Make a card or letter to say thank you to someone who has been looking after you.

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