Year 6 – Week 6

Year 6 I cannot believe we are nearly at the end of our year together! I am getting quite emotional now! It has come around so quickly. Next week, we are going to have lots of fun together and make sure your last few days of primary school are truly special.

Here are this week’s activities to keep your brains active!


Each day in school, we have been using a photograph to stimulate our ‘wow’ writing. This week, we used photographs of animals and the results were incredible! Below are some examples of the writing produced:


Love. No-one in this cold, bitter world could stop them. Love. After a lifetime apart, they were together in their safe, little sanctuary. Love. An unspoken, unbroken bond carried them through the teeth-chattering snow, arm in arm, once again. Love. There was no one in the whole world they would rather be abandoned with. Love.


Crawling through the gloom of night, he steps quietly, hoping not to be heard. He stops. Waits quietly, rubbing his carnivorous teeth together and not daring to blink at all. Out of nowhere, an unsuspecting creature enters the ambush site… Would it get out alive? In time?

You have amazed me with the short pieces of writing that you have produced and it is now time to challenge yourself even further. I would like you to become an author over the summer holidays! Create your own short chapter book about a creature of your choice. It could be an animal or an extraordinary character like Skellig. What adventures will your creature go on? You can email your work to  when you have finished, so that I can enjoy your writing one more time!

We have continued to revise fractions, decimals and percentages this week. Here are some activities for you to practise at home in order to develop your confidence:
Revise ordering fractions. Can you put these fractions in descending order?
1and3/6     1and1/12    1and2/3     1and3/4

Revise ordering fractions, decimals and percentages. Can you put these numbers in ascending order?
¼     30%      3/8      0.2      0.17

Revise converting fractions, decimals and percentages. Can you circle three numbers below that add up to 1?
1/4     0.5     10%     7/10     15%     0.2

Revise solving problems involving fractions and percentages.
At the sweet factory, 7200 sweets are made each hour. 5/9 of the sweets are lollipops. 20% of the sweets are gummy bears and the rest are chocolate bars. How many chocolate bars are manufactured each hour?

• How has Britain changed since the 1940s?
• How would you characterise each of these decades: 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s?
• Which decade would you have liked to experience? Why?
• Interview someone about life when they were a child/teenager. Find out some interesting stories to tell me next week!

Remember to visit the following website for home learning packs over the summer holidays:

Have a fabulous summer and stay safe. Read lots!

Look out for a goodbye video message from me next week!
Mrs Davies



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